15 MAY 1830, Page 12


THIS interesting collection of drawings by modern masters, including many by Sir THOMAS himself, will be sold by Mr. CHRISTIE next week. They consist of studies, sketches, and copies in crayon and' pen and ink, and in- clude some highly-finished drawings of the statues in the Louvre, by eminent French artists, and a number of studies by a very clever draughtsman of the unpoetical name of Jour:. BROWN; original drawings by COSwA GAINSBOROUGH, CIPBIANI, STOTHARD, ROWLANDSON, J. F. LEWIS, SCIIETKY, WHEATLEY, G. WALLIS, FUSELI, RICHARD WILSON, FLAXMAN, HARLOWE, G. JONES, BLAKE, and Sir THOMAS LAWRENCE, the latter about eighty in number. Sir THOMAS'S collection of prints are fetching enormous prices. This collection of pictures includes many paintings and sketches of great interest to the connoisseur : among the more valuable ones, are two highly-finished and brilliant REMBRANDTS, and several by Sir JOSHUA REYNOLDS and FUSELI. It is evidently the collection of an artist, not of a mere amateur.