15 MAY 1852, Page 10


The election news of importance is but slender ; and our space restricts us to a few of the leading facts.


BURY Sr. EDMUNDS. Mr. Stuart, the Member for Newark, accepts an invitation to transfer himself hither as a candidate.

GUILDFORD. Mr. James Bell, brother of Mr. Jacob Bell of St. Albans, is a candidate as a forward Liberal.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Wear. Mr. Nigel Kingscote has accepted the invita- tion to stand.

LONDON. The Globe denies a rumour that Lord John Russell would not stand again, and asserte that all the four sitting Members will again be can- didates.

MALDON. Mr. Quintin Dick has suddenly reappeared as a candidate. Stareoess. Captain Carnegie retiree—called abroad on service. Mr. G. A. Wise is a Liberal candidate "of the Grey school." Thaw. Alderman Leeman has retired from the field; and thereupon Mr. Pashley is again a candidate.


KING'S Couserr. Colonel Westenra will retire; but Fir Andrew Arm- strong holds on. Captain Bernard and Mr. Bland are in the field.

MONAGHAN COUNTY. Mr. Vesey Dawson retires, induced by the seces- sion from his support of one of the most influential Members of the Liberal party—Lord Rossmore. SLIGO COUNTY. The Dublin Weekly Telegraph states that Mr. Bell of St. Albans is likely to offer himself for this county, in conjunction with Mr. Sheriff Swift of London.