15 MAY 1852, Page 12

The Covent Garden Opera has produced Lucia di Lammermoor with

a new cast in the principal characters. Mademoiselle Anna Zerr, already known on this stage as Mozart's Queen of Night, has had a great success in Donizetti's Lucia—showing herself an excellent actress and a most accom- plished singer. She sings the music beautifully, and the surprising flexi- bility and compass of her voice do not tempt her to indulge in a super- fluity of ornaments. Herr Anders is a good singer of the German school —somewhat hard and angular, but earnest and expressive. In the "strong" situations his acting has force and energy, but his bearing lacks grace and polish he is a performer of merit, and may be rendered available in many parts, but as Edgard° he is out of place in a theatre which possesses Mario and Tamberlik. Signor Bartolini, who made a debt in Enrico, has a fine baritone voice, and his face and person are in his favour : what more he may be hereafter, will depend upon his appli- cation and his opportunities.