15 MAY 1852, Page 12

The engagement of Mademoiselle Rose Cheri has not brought any

ma- terial increase to our knowledge of the French repertoire; the vreil. known character of the Empress in Un Changement de Main remaining the most popular of her productions. Meanwhile, Mr. Mitchell promises a decided novelty in the shape of a series of performances by a first-rate German company. The plays named in his prospectus comprise some of the chefs-d'ceuvre of Goethe and Schiller, and the series will com- mence with Egmont. Whether an experiment so novel will succeed, it is yet impossible even to conjecture ; but great reliance is to be placed on the judgment and spirit of Mr. Mitchell,—the first man, be it remembered, who has effeCted the establishment of a permanent French company in this metropolis ; and the company—at the head of which stands the illus- trious name of Devrient—seems to present a striking galaxy of talent.