15 MAY 1852, Page 5

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SOME enlivening events at Court have diversified the week. Her Majesty's birthday was appointed to be kept on Thursday the 13th, and it was marked by a drawingroom and a concert. The drawingroom was held at St. James's Palace ; and was so numerously attended that the suite of state reception-rooms were overflowed, and the company thronged the grand staircase and the entrance-lobbies. The concert was at Buckingham Palace, in the evening, under Mr. Costa's direction; and

the invitations were very numerous. Later in the evening of the same day, the Queen and Prince Albert went to an entertainment given by the Duchess of Gloucester to honour the day.

The Queen had given another concert on Monday evening, at Bucking- ham Palace, under Mrs. Anderson's direction.

The Queen held a Court on Thursday. The Count and Countess d'Aquila took leave of her Majesty. A Privy Council is held by her Majesty today.