15 MAY 1852, Page 9


The struggle between parties at Edinburgh seems to get only more and more complicated and inveterate. Notwithstanding the choice of a sub- committee by the conjoined "Original" and "Independent" Committees, bath the latter have pursued their own courses of action. The Original Committee has put forward Mr. Bouverie, M.P. for the Kilmarnock Burghs, for a colleague with Mr. Cowan. The Independent Committee hes been seething with cross-purposes; and has at last rejected Mr. Bou- verie, and proposed the Lord Provost, Mr. D. ht‘Laren, as the Dissenters' Member. It is said that the Sub-Committee will also propose Mr. Bon- verie. After all, it is very doubtful whether Mr. Bouverie will leave his present seat. The offices of Lord Justice-General and Lord President of the Court of Session have been resigned by the Right Honourable David Boyle, who has held them since 1841.