15 MAY 1886, Page 1


THE debate on Home-rule proceeds; but except when the great men speak, is dull, the subject having been thoroughly thrashed out. It is to proceed after Monday continuously, and there is hope that it may end on Tuesday week, if not even on Friday next. There was an idea current on Monday that the Government intended to protract it; but if such a plan was ever entertained, it was abandoned. Time, it is clear, fights against Home-rule. The number of its Moderate opponents increases every day, while its Radical enemies grow more bitter and determined as they discover that Mr. Gladstone adheres stead- fastly to his own plan. The Parnellites, too, are said to have signified that they will consent to no further concessions. Altogether, the probability is that the second reading will be lost by a considerable majority. On the other hand, it must not be forgotten that while each seceder carries with him many voters, the Liberal party organisations are everywhere pronouncing for Mr. Gladstone.