15 MAY 1886, Page 2

The visit of the Queen to Liverpool on Tuesday to

open an International Exhibition, was spoiled by the wretched weather but was still, in one way, a success. The people turned out in masses ; and though umbrellas interfere with scenic effects, they do not interfere with loyalty. The warmth of the welcome could no more be doubted than the chilliness of the weather; and the raio, oddly enough, gave her Majesty a new charm. The Queen is constitutionally indifferent to cold, and loves Balmoral, where, when it does not snow, it rains ; and she consequently had the nerve to drive for hours in an open carriage rather than disappoint her people. The Lancashire men, who are accus- tomed to rain, bat hate it h'eartily, appreciated their Sovereign's pluck, and only felt say for her suite, who probably would have liked protection. The great assemblage under the rain

may sense -la remind her Majesty how eager the desire for her presence etill and encourage her to efforts which, if wearying, are still duties. Soldiers like the colours to be among them, and the place of:a Sovereign is in his capital.