15 MAY 1886, Page 3

The Chinese Government, rather to the surprise of the Euro-

peans in Pekin, recently consented to the despatch of a mission from Calcutta to Thibet, and a carefully selected party will, at the end of a month, leave Darjeeling for Lhassa. It is not expected that the mission will produce great results, as the advisers of the Lama cannot make treaties ; but it is hoped that it may secure new facilities for trade, and collect authentic geographical and political information. The Thibetans are not indisposed to welcome foreigners, but the Court of Pekin has hitherto carefully- guarded the seclusion of the great plateau, and has evinced marked dislike to any intercourse between foreigners and Lhe,sea. Thinly populated as the country is, the Chinese statesmen. have some trouble to maintain their authority, and, as usual, want to do it without the trouble and expense of watching.:the. frontiers or maintaining a garrison in the interior. When the mission returns, we shall probably know something of the singular system under which a Sovereign, nominally disine, and reverenced by millions, is kept in dependence on a. Court which does not believe his creed.