15 MAY 1886, Page 3

The Socialists in Chicago remain cowed and peaceable, but the

American pollee have discovered evidence both there and in Cincinnati that the anarchists had serious designs. Their idea was, at any risk, to give the propertied class a lesson, and they had stored up explosives, especially zinc bombs, in some quantity, fora great attack on the police. That force being mastered for a moment, all the disorderly elements of society would have been invited to plunder the towns. The discovery has greatly in- creased the activity of the authorities; and in New York, Herr Most, the Editor of the Preihwit, has been arrested. His journal indulges in furious threats, and calls on all Socialists to arm ; bat the police of the city have been increased by five hundred men, and if any movement occurs, it will be peremptorily stamped out. New York always seems a dangerous place, but there is hardly a city iu the world whore revolution is more difficult. The native Americans turn out at once on demand, and in twelve hours the city could be occupied by a highly efficient militia, which, like the police when resisted, fires at once.