15 MAY 1920, Page 19


Sra,—Permit me to thank you for your article on the Unionist Party. There is surely a danger of opportunism, even a con- scientious opportunism, landing us in a false position and depriving us of publics confidence. The English publics in con- sequence of his vagaries are losing confidence in their Welsh Prime Minister, whose very cleverness is of a kind on which Englishmen set no value. Unless we are careful we Unionists will be discredited also. Whether in or out of office the Unionist

Party, so long as it is true to its principles, will always be a steadying power in the State. One true function at the present time is to keep the Prime Minister straight. There is a loyalty whieh follows a brilliant leader into the morass, but there is a nobler and truer loyalty which keeps him out of it.—