15 MAY 1964, Page 12

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SIR,—Leonard Beaton in his article 'The Truth About Nasser's "Bomb"' (Spectator, May 8), has stated: 'In particular, there has been concern over the military agreements between Egypt and India because of the advanced Indian nuclear industry.'

India has, in fact, no military agreement with any country. There was an exchange of letters between the Governments of India and the United Arab Republic in. 1962 for collaboration in the development and uses of atomic energy for peaceful purposes between the two countries. The Govern- ment of India itself is committed by an Act of its Parliament to the development, control and uses of atomic energy only for peaceful purposes and there has never been any question of India providing any fissionable material that could be utilised for military purposes.

I might also draw your attention to the fact that at the Disarmament Conference in Geneva the Government of India's delegate suggested an inter- national agreement providing inter alia that all nations not possessing nuclear weapons should under- take not to produce such weapons or to acquire them or the special technical information necessary for their production. This is in keeping with the Government of India's stand all along on the issue of nuclear weapons and the Government of India are opposed to any measures that would further dissemination of knowledge or material which could lead to the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

U. S. BAJPAI Counsellor, High Commission of India, London India House, Aldwych, WC2