15 MAY 1964, Page 13


SIR,—To support his contention that 1 have not made out a case for modernising the law Mr. Mursell airily ignores the list of facts I recited and dismisses Lord Gardiner's proposed reforms as 'mischievous.'

In the face of so monumental a prejudice, reason- ing ceases to have much meaning. However, in a last attempt to puncture the self-sealing tank of Mr. Mursell's complacency, I quote Lord Parker of Waddington, the Lord Chief Justice, from a speech about the law delivered on January 24, 1964: '... change is slow indeed, far slower than the Judges would wish . . they are compelled to apply laws which, to their eyes and to others, appear to work injustice.'

If Mr. Mursell demands a still higher authority than that before he is convinced, some prelate had better take up this correspondence: it is obviously going to need a Voice from outside my range of contacts.

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