15 MAY 1964, Page 13

SIR.—Leslie Adrian's column, irritatingly omniscient though it frequently is, has,

I have often felt, done Egon Ronay's Guide to London Pubs as being 'much a great deal of good in a number of different fields. I must take exception, however, to its reference to needed.' Surely it cannot be the case that the much- read Leslie Adrian has never come across London Pubs by Alan Reeve-Jones, published in 1962.

Not only is this a most informative and excellently produced book, but it is by far the best and most Wittily written that 1 have ever met in this field.

Like Leslie Adrian, I have always believed that Elizabeth David's books are worth reading for entertainment quite as much as for instruction. I have no hesitation in placing Mr. Reeve-Jones's book In this distinguished category. .1 think I hardly need add that I have no connection With the writer or the publisher.