15 NOVEMBER 1935, Page 3

Next Week's " Spectator " Next week The Spectator will

publish (at the usual its ts annual Christmas number, which will consist of over 100 pages and contain the usual series of special articles. The general subject treated this .year is " Freedom." An introdactory article' is contributed by the Warden of All Souls (Dr. W. G. S. Adams) and other aspects of the subject will be discussed by Dr. W. It. Inge, " The Limits of Freedom " ; H. W. Nevinson, " Personal Freedom " ; J. A. 'Spender, " Freedom of the Press " ; Dr. Carnegie Simpson, " Religious Freedom " ; E. M. Forster, " The Menace to Freedom " ; Walter Greenwood, ". Poverty and Freedom " ; C. E. M. Joad, " Freedom to Differ ; Rose Macaulay, " Freedom : Not Much So Far." The issue will include all the usual features of The Spectator, among them articles by Sir Evelyn Wrench, F. Yeats-Brown and Peter Fleming.