15 NOVEMBER 1935, Page 34

BOOKS OF TOMORROW GENERAL Chinese Art. By Leigh Ashton and

Basil Gray. (Faber and Faber. 21s.) The Source of Civilisation, By Gerald Heard. (Cape. 12s. Gd.) Soviet Communism A New Civilisation. By Sidney and Beatrice Webb. (Longmans. 85s.) Epitaph on George Moore. By Charles Morgan. (Mac- millan. as.) A Full Moon in March. By W. B. Yeats. (Macmillan. as.) Portrait of My Family. By Derek Patmore. (Cassell. 10s. (3d.) Sledge. By Martin Lindsay. (Cassell. 21s.) The Dreyfus Case. By Armand Charpentier. (Bles. 10s. 6d.) The Spanish Main. By Philip Ainsworth Means. (Scribner,' 15s.) Robespierre. By J. M. Thompson. (Basil Blackwell. 24s.) Balkan Holiday. By David Footman. (Heinemann. 10s. Gd.)


Hollywood Cemetei-y. By Liam O'Flaherty. (Gollanez. 7s. Gd.) The .7 ew of Rome. By Lion Feuchtwanger. (Hutchinson. 8s. 6d.) Tuesday Afternoon. By L. A. G. Strong. (Gollanez. 7s. Gd.) Dust Over the Ruins. By Helen Ashton. (Gollimez. 7s. Od.) Tortilla Flat. By John Steinbeck. (Heinemann. 7s. Gd.) Mr. Thake and the Ladies. By J. B. Morton. (Cape. 5s.)