15 NOVEMBER 1935, Page 6

I have no kind of animus against the Daily Herald.

On the contrary, I regard it as in many ways a very inter- esting and competent paper. But its readers must have been struck more than once by a congenital tendency towards a certain recklessness of statement. Consider, for example, the following " current events":

Daily Herald announces Government plan for the reform of the League of Nations, abolishing security through collective action.

Categorically denied by Sir Samuel Hoare.

" Strong Reports " of a defence loan of £200,000,000 announced by Daily Herald. Stigmatised by Mr. Chamberlain as a typical product of " the Daily Herald lie factory."

Libel actions inrespect of statements made in the Daily Herald, brought by Messrs. A. and S. Rozembergh against the Daily Herald,settled payment of a sum in respect of damages and cost 5.

APOLOGY for, and complete withdrawal of, statement made in the Daily Herald of Novem- ber 8th regarding a photograph reproduced by the Conservative Central Office.

Damages of £1,000 given against the Daily Herald and another defendant in respect of statements made in the Daily Herald.

Not an unsubstantial crop for just over a week.

November 4th. November 7th. November 8th. November 8th. November 12th.