15 NOVEMBER 1946, Page 14

Sra,—May I beg your indulgence once again? In his letter

in your issue of November 8th Mr. Nutting's efforts at terse debate have caused him to lose the thread of his argument. How one proves that the Young Conservatives are becoming partners equal in status with their elders in the party by claiming that they are fusing their vigour and enthusiasm with the experience and leadership of men of their own movement simply

defeats me. Of course, there are many who will follow Mr. Eden, but, as he demonstrated before the war over foreign policy, the official Con- servative Party programme has hitherto lagged a considerable distance behind his way of thinking. As I still maintain, here is the vital ques- tion in politics today: Can the progressives in the Conservative Party wrest the policy and propaganda-making from the diehards? If it is " absurd" to think that there is insignificant evidence of this happening, then there are millions of voters who will be pleased to share that epithet. —Yours faithfully, C. G. COLCLOUGH.

Rivers End, Blacksmiths Lane, Laleham-on-Thames, Middlesex.