15 NOVEMBER 1946, Page 15

Sta,—The announcement of our extra rations for Christmas coincided with

the first news in the Press of the food crisis in the British zone of Germany. Further poignancy was added to this coincidence when we read the account of the debate in the House of Lords, in which Lord Pakenham said that nothing more could be done to help Germany in the direction of lowering British standards of living. We are not even allowed to send food parcels to Germany, and now we are to have extra rations for Christmas. Can anyone in this country who calls himself a Christian or who believes in Christian values take pleasure in being able to celebrate Christmas with extra rations, which might have helped to save other human beings from starvation? I very much hope that The Spectator will add its weight to the mass of opinion protesting against this betrayal of Christian principles and morality.—Yours truly, 32 Nottingham Place, W. T.