15 NOVEMBER 1946, Page 5

* * * *

I have not come across much better value for half-a-crown than a publication called Persuasion, the autumn issue of which has just reached me. I ought to say not a publication but the publication, for Persuasion, I find, appears three or four times a year, and I ought to have been familiar with it before. This particular issue includes four articles every one of which I found myself first glancing at and then reading with the keenest interest to the end. One is on " The Times: a critical appreciation " ; another on the Chain Stores and their place in the community ; another on Liberalism's Last Stand —the last ditchers being the gallant ten in the House of Commons ; and the fourth on the Canadian Spy Report and the way the Press in this country treated it. There is more than this, but each of these articles is worth much more than 7id. How is Persuasion to be characterised? Well, it describes itself as " devoted to the persuasive arts." As such it might, I suppose, be recommended to young men desiring marriage, though I doubt if that is its first raison d'être. I assume that it can he found on bookstalls. It is published by Creative Journals, Limited, t Bond Street. Why do I go out of my way to draw attention to it? For no reason at all except that I think it would interest many readers of this column.