15 NOVEMBER 1997, Page 30

LETTERS Defender of the Faith

Sir: I was surprised to learn that Britain is `an artificial creation of four nations initial- ly cemented together by the Protestant reli- gion, the Empire and war' (Advertising the end of Britain', 1 November).

Surely the great achievement of Protes- tantism was to rid us of the artificial bonds that shackled us to Rome and a religion that had all but crushed the life out of Europe? Protestantism brought about an upsurge of faith and confidence, which resulted in a period of great expansion and missionary endeavour. The seams that eventually united the kingdom were out- wardly man-made but by no means unin- spired. However, now that we regard the artificial and divisive forces of materialism and hedonism as desirable, Britain is being reshackled to Europe and will therefore begin to come apart at its seams.

It does not strike me as helpful to describe as artificial the only influence that can keep the kingdom united — our much neglected Protestant faith.

R.A. Massie-Blomfield

Cavina School, PO Box 43090, Nairobi