15 NOVEMBER 1997, Page 34

Sir: I would like to make it clear at the

out- set that I do not approve of this Widmer- pool business. But a friend of mine has asked me to point out that the Widmerpool to end all Widmerpools is Richard Bran- son. Mrs Thatcher's litter monitor, who made much of his fortune under her suc- cessor, seems now to have become the lead- ing Labour luvvy.

It is Widmerpoolish enough that this for- mer Thatcherite spent what seemed like the whole of Labour's Royal Festival Hall election-night victory celebration giving media interviews; but worse than that, he had only been invited at four o'clock that very afternoon, having telephoned the Labour powers that be to beg to be allowed to join the party. Less shame surely than K.W. himself.

J. R. Wabberthwaite

The Old Samling House, Ulvercroft, Windermere, Cumbria