15 OCTOBER 1910, Page 1

The arrest, we are told, was effected under a law

made in 1845, in which with the usual French clearness of vision the difficulties that might arise in regard to the maintenance of railway traffic owing to Anarchical movements were already foreseen and provided against Article 17 of this law provides ample punishment for those who abet or instigate the employ. ment of any means whatsoever of stopping or impeding rail- way traffic. If death or injuries result from interference with the traffic, the immediate authors are liable to the death penalty and the instigators to penal servitude for life. Besides the arrests made at the offices of Humanite, many other arrests have taken place not only in Paris but at various points along the lines. At Pontoise an employee of the Western State Railway was sentenced to two months' imprisonment for attempting to seduce his comrades from their work, and another to three months for picketing with intimidation, while a Trade-Union secretary was arrested in the midst of the strikers at Rouen.