15 OCTOBER 1910, Page 1

We have noted elsewhere the determination of the Govern- ment

to make use of military mobilisation for the purpose of ending the strike. An Order for that purpose has been served in regard to some hundred and fifty thousand railway servants in all; but it is as yet impossible to say how far it has been obeyed, and what has been the effect of the mani- festoes of the strikers urging men to disobey the Order, or to reply to it with revolver-shots. There seems, however, very little doubt that the men will obey, for they know that M. Briand is not a person who barks without biting. In many cases, no doubt, strikers who have been intimidated into striking, or who, though they entered upon the strike with enthusiasm, are now tired of it, will be exceedingly glad to find in the Mobilisation Order a good excuse for abandoning what they are beginning to see is a hopeless cause.