15 OCTOBER 1910, Page 2

The disorder in Portugal, or rather in Lisbon, caused by

the Portuguese Revolution has subsided almost as quickly as it began. During the earlier part of the week there were a certain number of disturbances owing to the expulsion of the monks and nuns from the great monasteries and nunneries in the capital. But though this expulsion gave rise to some pillage of a disgraceful kind, and to sensational escapes of Jesuits in disguises by underground passages—we are told of Jesuits appearing out of drains covered with mud, and being arrested at the months of these unsavoury bolt- holes—there seems, happily, to have been no loss of life. The mob and the soldiers engaged in searching the convents clearly got out of hand, but they wreaked their vengeance upon the statues, pictures, and ornaments rather than upon the monks and nuns.