15 OCTOBER 1910, Page 29

The Historians of the English Reformation. By the Rev. John

Stockton Littell. (A. R. Mowbray and Co. 10s. net.)—Mr. Littell seeks to provide the teacher of Church history with a valuation of the sources to which he must have recourse. He begins with Hume, and discusses, to mention the chief names of a considerable list, Macaulay, Fronde, Hallam, Freeman, Green, and Stubbs. Another chapter is devoted to "Roman Catholic Writers," a very diverse company with Cardinal Gibbons at one pole and Lord Acton at the other. Then American authors are described, not without some severe criticism. We cannot undertake to review Mr. Litton's judgments, and must be content with this mention of his book. We may give our testimony, however, to its completeness.