15 OCTOBER 1954, Page 16

CYPRUS FOR THE TOURIST SIR,—I wonder if in my capacity

as Director of Tourism in Cyprus I may be given the hospitality of a few lines in your paper to reassure those of your readers who may recently have fallen under the misapprehen- sion expressed by some prospective visitors who have been enquiring whether Cyprus today is not ' a trouble spot,' and whether it is quite safe.'

Despite the publicity surrounding the Enosis case at UNO, the traditional fine manners and generosity of the inhabitants of Cyprus have not changed and are not likely to. Recent visitors and residents alike have found the warm and spontaneous hospitality of the islanders the same as it ever was. Far from being a blood-drenched island' as Athens radio recently described it, the atmosphere and the general pattern of life have not altered by one iota and prospective visitors may find it nothing worse than ' sun-drenched.' Cer+ tainly for a holiday there is no more pleasant place than this pleasure-loving and peaceable Mediterranean British colony.—Yours faith-

Director of Information Services Nicosia, Cyprus