15 OCTOBER 1977, Page 19

Bragg the broadcaster

Sir: Ah well, after a television-free summer, back to work and back to the saga of Richard Ingrams's continuing obsession With everything I do on television. Flattery indeed!

For his information: everyone else who saw the film had no doubt that Le Carre lived alone in Cornwall some of the time. Everyone else deduced that his father being 'away' did indeed mean, as Mr Ingrams himself concluded in a masterly fashion, that he spent time in prison.

1 was not, as Mr Ingrams suggests, reluctant to probe, but rather embarrassed about Pressing too hard on personal matters, and think that Mr le Cane said enough about his Personal life to illuminate his writing. As for the usual jibes about flattering Le Carre, etc, the fact is that I admire his work a great deal and said so.

Still, I am delighted that Ingrams is so addicted to the programmes I make on television. I look forward to further instalments.

Melvyn Bragg 9 Gayton Road, London NW3