15 OCTOBER 1977, Page 19

Tonic water

Sir: With reference to the article (8 October) about Mr Morarji Desai's routine of drinking his own urine every morning, I would like to point out that this is a very anFient therapy and only fairly recently being re-discovered. Used as Mr Desai recommends, it is a wonderful prophylactic. However, in cases of chronic disease the person must undertake a supervised fast of urine and water Only, with frequent urine rubbings over the entire body. Many people have recovered from otherwise terminal disease including Cancer and gangrene with this treatment. I Would strongly advise people suffering from anY skin complaints, eczema and psoriasis, etC., to apply p urine to the skin regularly. I an advocate of taking my own urine and have derived great benefits from it and seem to have become immune to the var1°Us everyday illnesses that plague civilised an since being introduced to this therapy bY Mr A. L. Pauls, DO, who after many Years of research and worldwide travel is about to publish a book on the subject.

4. J. Porter 32 Coppetts Road, Muswell Hill, London N10