15 SEPTEMBER 1838, Page 1

Another week has casstes, and the " new agitation " in

Ireland is in static quo. No more meetings have been held, and we find no announcements of additional Precursor Societies: Mr. O'Ccev- NE LL has written a long letter to the " hereditary bondsmen," telling them what they are to agitate for : but the effect of his rather prosy exhortation must at least be neutralized, if not over- come, by a counter-blast from the Reverend Mr. Dareere, a Catholic priest of Limerick county, who has published two letters to expose and denounce the O'Costesu. policy. Mr. DAVERN professes, truly we have no doubt, to represent the feel- ings of the provincial Catholics, who are made of sterner stuff than their Dublin brethren. He writes with exceeding force and earnestness—like one, too, having authority ; and such a man in such a position must necessarily have great influence over those within his sphere of action. He declares that from several Irish counties not a shilling will be given to promote the new agi- tation, without security that the potpie shall not be duped again by' their leaders. That the effect of this address on the Irish people is feared by Mr. O'CONNELL and his Ministerial allies, is shown by the fact that the newspapers in their interest have not ventured to copy it. From the first we surmised the failure of Mr. O'CONNELL'S pre- sent movement, even as a temporary relief from disgust, or a cloak to cover the late foul disgraces : and now we find that in quarters where the movement might have been expected to be counte- nanced, a similar opinion is entertained.