15 SEPTEMBER 1838, Page 1

The Emperor FERDINAND has signalized his coronation as sovereign of

the North of Italy, by an act of grace, that will es far more towards establishing his authority in peace and secur:ty, than all the glitter and magnificence of the ceremony by which the iron crown of the Lombard kings is placed on his brows, or the dread which his hussars and cannon may inspire in the breasts of his subjects. He has granted an amnesty for political offences, which, if carried out in the spirit which appears to have dictated its proclamation, may be regarded as full and _complete. It is

long since such a document has issued from 'satinet of an ab- solute monarch; and the French King o ,Barr Ica dos, av hen he reads it, may take shame to himself i ardiy terfais of

his own amnesty, retaining the surveil aNne. The•Lom- bardo•Venetian King's act of grace is 'fOlitiwing term, and

is addressed to the Archduke Viceroy.



"My dear Uncle—On the occasion of my coronation in the Lombardo•Vene- tian kingdom, I have thought proper to determine as follows- " 1. I remit the remainder of the punishment 'gall the individuals belonging to the kingdom who have been condemned for state crimes, and who are now undergoing their punishment. "2. 1 desire that all trials begun for political machinations before the tribu- nals of this kingdom be immediately suppressed, and that they do not continue for the future any political act antecedent to my present resolution. "ii. The individuals of this kingdom who, being involved and compromised in the political plots against the safety of the state, have been exiled to places expressly designated, shall be immediately set at liberty.

"4. I desire that all political measures or surveillance (precetto politico) ins. polled up to the present be suppressed. 5. The political emigrants belonging to the Lombardo-Venetian kingdom, who wish to reenter their country, may profit by the disposition of paragraph '2: they must, however, make a demand for permission, and wait the answer which I shall think fit to make to each application, taking into consideration the interest of the public welfare. And, conformably with my paternal inten- tions, I desire that political emigrants who do not wish to reenter the kingdom, be authorized to emigrate, provided they make a demand to that effect in the regular form.

"6. The demands for leave to reenter into, as well as those to obtain the authorization to emigrate from the kingdom, must be presented by the peti- tioners within the space of a year from the publication of my present resolu- tion. That time expired, those who shall not have made such demand will be treated with rigour according to the laws now in force. In communicating this to you, I pray you to take the necessary steps for its prompt and entire

accomplishment. FERDINAND." "Milan. September 6."

By this proceeding, MarrEaritcH, it is believed, hopes to wean the Emperor's Italian subjects from the notion that they should enjoy more freedom under French than under Austrian govern- ment: and truly, when the heavy taxation and circumscribed political liberty of Frenchmen themselves, under LOUIS PHILIP'S Jealous sway, are considered, there appears little cause for the Italians to regret the subversion of the French dominion over them.

It is hoped that Naples and the minor states of Italy will be influenced by and adopt the policy of Austria.