15 SEPTEMBER 1838, Page 10


Arrived—At Gras,...a, Scalley, from New Stalin vVales. In the Downs,

Sept. 1311i, Roberts, Elder, from Bengal ; IVA Stiflillpilirer well, WIISUll, f gal. 011" Ilastiu 14th, I:lephanta, Buchan, from new gs. huh, irea Lothian, Morrison, from New South Wales; and Atm. At Liverpool, .1"12ntht,CHt2.,:yitoil',wirJ,,F.,a.„Irn. front Bengal; petent. Rhodes; and CeNtrian, Kir.. illitent11...1:alG;loible,,,Aleixitittler, from the Cape. M azeppa, Tate, from London; ---.., .larbara, Barton ; COM. k, front Itombav. At Ow Cape, June 22d, Cando lace, —, from 1,,,,,,I,,,,. ADtiajti,ittm, Iniaiy".1mItaanV, 2firl°.1;nA%Nal:Tmiri!lilt,Ifsr;timauLdut3illoan. 6Aiht, Bengal, PlitICTSS Victoria, —, num London. 'At r‘,.. south Wales. April 241h, Dittchess Northumberland, Itoxlit.rgh ; 25th, Kinn.... , ,thllartl; 270, fcrgussua Robertson ; ;mil Moffitt, Bolton, 110Ill 1.011(loll,