15 SEPTEMBER 1838, Page 2

A vessel from Sydney brings news from that part of

the world to the 1st of May. From the Launceston Advertiser of the 6th April, it appears that the settlers in Van Diemen's Land were alarmed by a generally-credited report, that despatches from Lord GLENELG had been received, announcing his determination to put a stop to emigration to that colony, but to continue transportation on "an extended scale." It is added, that transportation to New South Wales would probably be discontinued.

If this is true, it would seem that Lord GLENELG intends to fry some experiments in the Penal Colonies, the effects of which it is not easy to foresee. The object would appear to be the con- finement of the convict system to Van Diemen's Land, and to save

NeW South Wales at its expense. Without emigration or convict- boor, (for the assignment system will scarcely be persevered in after the emphatic condemnation of Sir WILLIAM MOLE &WORTH'S cotranittee,) What is to become of the settlers in Van Diemen's