15 SEPTEMBER 1838, Page 2

The Swiss Diet have put off till the 1st of

next month the con. sidemtion of the Duke DR MONTEBRLLO'S note, requiring the ex. pulsion of Louis BONAPARTE from Switzerland. The National, alluding to a rumour that Prince Louis intended to apply for protection to the Emperor NICHOLAS, warns him against such a step, in a rather remarkable passage, which we translate-

" It was the protection of foreign princes which ruined the Bourbons; and if there is one thing more than soother which makes the family of Nspo. leon personally interesting to the French population, at is that they have re. mained free from the stain of alliance with our enemies. We have no title to offer advice to Louis Bonaparte ; but if we were among his friends, we should tell him especially to avoid any point of resemblance with the Princes of Ghent and Coblentz."

In the same article, it is asserted that France will not long remain in her present political condition, but will again fall back on her Revolution principles, which will be the salvation of Europe, There can be no doubt that a considerable party in France cherishes these hopes, but their realization is a different affair.