15 SEPTEMBER 1838, Page 7


According to the latest accounts, the recent registrations in Scot- land, though not yet what they ought to be, have perhaps been quite as satisfactory (to the Tories) as could reasonably be expected. We subjoin a few details. The Conservative gain in the burgh of Aberdeen is 12.5. In Caithness county there is a gain of 19; in Caithness burgh, 24. Iii Perth city, had it not been for a technical manceuvre which will likely be set aside by the Appeal Court, the Conservative gain would have been considerable: as matters stand, the Liberals have it by 19. In the Conservative county of Wigton we still keep a head by an increased majority of 83. Perth county yields us an addition of 152, and Berwickshire 30. The counties of Lanark, Inverness, Selkirk, and Dumfries, all of which we already possess, "exhibit," says an Edinburgh paper, " an equally gratifying result." The same thing may be said of Dumbartonshire, where, at the last election, the Conservative candidate failed by about 40 votes. In the Iladdington district of burghs, where the Whig majority of 31, in 1837, was exactly balanced by the Conservative enrolments im- mediately after the election, a late increase of nine in the small burgh of Lauder gives us now the preponderance. Greenock has been grievously mismanaged by the inertness of its " Conservative Associa- tion ;" which in future must endeavour to be more active. But, cer- tainly, the greatest triumph of all has been won in the metropo- litan county of Edinburgh. No fewer than 160 Whig fagots have been struck off from Mr. Gibson Craig's nominal majority ; and this, too, under circumstances which, if the people fail to be thereby cons vinced of the utter political profligacy of your Reform patriots, they deserve to be slaves for ever to the faction which rides and fleeces therm—Times. This is the Tory statement: what have the Whigs

to set off against it ? 1Ve put the question not tauntingly, but for information.]