15 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 1

Abroad, however, there are signs of political movement. Count Bismark

has got into a new quarrel with the Prussian Assembly about his loan. He wants to issue 60,000,000 thalers (9,000,000/. sterling) in treasury notes, and the Committee of the Assembly decline to give him more than half, 4,500,000/. sterling, and wish Ito make these redeemable in one year. An organ, said to be semi- official, of the Prussian Government declares that if the Chamber ratifies the decision of the Committee, the Parliament, though only just elected, will be dissolved, and of course the split between the Crown and the people renewed. It would be very bad policy on the part of the Government. The Chamber, after giving way so much as it has done, is quite right to assert at once and strongly, its intention to use the power of the purse which the Government professes to give it, but it is certain that, if occasion arose, it would give the successful Minister exactly what the emergency demanded. Count Bismark has triumphed once over the popular body, but he needs its aid more than ever now, and will not be the statesman he seems if he does not try the experiment of stooping to conquer, —confirming the right of the people. to dictate, in order to make them eager to be guided in their exercise of that right by himself.