15 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 1

Mr. Johnson has deelared Texas restored to the Union, and

no longer under military government. A correspondent in another column challenges any sort of proof that the freedmen and their friends are often murdered and ill-treated at the South under the President's scheme of recognizing, to the full, State rights, and leaving the State laws to work without the interference of the central Government. Well, here is a quotation from a long letter from Texas, inserted in one of the President's organs,—the New York Evening Post, —which applauds Mr. Johnson for his con- ciliatory policy in giving up Texas to its own local executive as he has already, with such brilliant effect, given up Louisiana, Mississippi, and other of the Southern States. This correspondent of the Evening Post confesses that he dare not permit his name to be published. He says, "The number of crimes of violence in Texas is incredible. In a small county adjoining to this 83 persons are indicted for murder. In worse counties there are no indictments because witnesses dare not testify, and grand juries dare not indict. Since the war, though over 500 men have been indicted for murder, not a single white man has been con- victed and punished. Every day I hear of murders of freedmen.