15 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 23

The Eclectic and Congregational Review. • September. (Jackson,. Walford, and

Hodder.)—The Congregationalists must be the least,

exacting of -mankind, if they are contented with the shillingsworth

that is presented to them in this number. Thirty-four pages are, devoted to a rhapsody of eulogy on Joan of Arc, and, nearly half as-

many to the consideration of the symbol of the cross, a patio. which, it.

appears, is vexing the heart of Christendom. Lest the reader's mind should be left in a state of undue, agitation under, the infinenge of these:

novel and exciting subjects, it is tranquillized by a longish notice of an average missionary sermon, and thou fortified by a really able criticism of Mr. Plumptre's translations and poems. Thus is the Congrega- tionalist nurtured in these days of sensational literature and sensational theology, and it iss comfort to know that there is one quarter to which we may look for calm in the midst of a heaving world.