15 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 3

The' Bill for the Annexation' of Sehleswig-Holstein has" been introduced

into the Prtissian. Chattibereby Count Bismark, in a speech in which he mentioned that -about 'fifty square miles were to be sliced off to add to the Duchy of Oldenbttrg,' in Conformity with some understanding with the Duke;Int-wastibtiOlutely silent as to parting With any fragment even of Northern Sbhlesvrig to Denmark. The poor Danes of 'Schleswig have petitioned, 'but of course they have petitioned in vain. Freesia and' Italy are both annexing without. any other ,plea but the plea of common nationalities, but when Prussia is asked to give anything-on the same ground, it is quite another thing. The Danes have found no great power willing to risk anything for them, and there- fore they will fail to find any willingness in Prussia to do them even common justice.