15 SEPTEMBER 1883, Page 1

The ultimatum submitted by Admiral Pierre to the new Queen

of Madagascar, Ranavalona III., has been shown to the correspondent of the Daily News, now at Antananarivo. It is of the most peremptory character. The French Republic demands that the Queen shall recognise its sovereignty over all districts ceded to it by the Sakalavas, which cover a sixth of the island and have a coast-line of 240 miles; that the laws prohibiting French purchases in Madagascar shall be repealed ; and that the Queen shall, within fifteen days, send a Plenipotentiary to such place as the Commissary of the Republic shall appoint, with powers "to make any alterations in the Treaty of 1868 that the Commissary may propose to him." Moreover, the Malagasy Government shall, withia thirty days, pay an indemnity to the Republic of £40,000. The Prime Minister, who is just now Mayor of the Palace, and marries each successive Queen, has replied that Madagascar will not negotiate at all, unless the sovereignty of the Queen is recognised over the whole island. The French, therefore, occupy Tamatave, and the Hovas besiege them, and that will last until the Ministry at War can spare troops for an advance upon the capital.