15 SEPTEMBER 1883, Page 2

It appears to be nearly certain that both in Bulgaria.

and Servia the Princes are acting with Austria, and that. Russia in consequence is agitating for popular control. She- can rely, she thinks, on the masses. This, at least, is the statement of the well-informed Englishman who corre- sponds from Ragusa with the Manchester Guardian. The- Russian calculation is that the Slav populace, in its hatred of Austria, will seek its protection and obey its orders. The: intrigue, however, which is going on on both sides, may fail on both sides ; and the body of the people, weary of pressure, may force their Governments into an alliance of the Balkan States. Neither Austria nor Russia will like to attack that, as the rival in either case would instantly pose as Protector of the Federation.. It is unfortunate that the Balkan States have not as yet pro. duced a politician who is trusted in them all, or a Prince who will act without reference either to Czar'or Kaiser. The South Slave want, as the Greeks have always affirmed, Greeks to. guide them.