15 SEPTEMBER 1883, Page 2

So universal has been the recognition by the French Legiti-

mists of the Comte de Paris, that Don Carlos, his only possible competitor, has given way, and has published a letter to -his Spanish followers, declaring that he is all Spaniard, and be- longs to Spain alone. The Comtesse de Chambord also has caused an intimation to be circulated denying that her recent action was intended to assail the " indubitable rights " of the Comte de Paris, and the Union, the personal organ of the Comte de Chambord, while announcing its own decease, is careful to make its recognition complete. The Comte de Paris has retired to En, and makes no sign, but it is well understood that there is no schism in the Royalist ranks. They are powerless, but united. Those among them who cannot tolerate the Orleans family still recognise them, and will content themselves by exclusive devotion to clerical politics. The facts are important, because as soon as the Chamber meets there will be furiaus debates, in which all Europe will take part, as to the expediency of allowiag" Philippe "VII." to remain in France.