15 SEPTEMBER 1883, Page 2

The correspondent of the Times declares that the condition of

Egypt never was so bad. The old native system is suspended, and the system which is to supersede it is not organised. The prisons are never cleared, for the new tribunals are not ready, and the unhappy prisoners are detained for periods longer than they would be after sentence. The police will not act, because the new police officers have not learned their work. The Press is incessantly punished, because it is to be free under rules which are not drawn out. Bribers escape .scot-free, because the lash, the only penalty hitherto known, has been abolished, and no substitute has yet been provided. Cholera breaks out, and the Government is afraid ..to let it alone, as it:wouldthave done, and does not know how to. apply European methods, and so establishes cordons which turn whole cities into pest-houses .without lood. We believe this statement is true, and that in additionthe tares are more violently levied than ever, andare only paid by borrowing from the usurers. Under these circum-

stances it is difficult to believe in the enthusiasm fur the Khedive, reported daily as he advances on his progress, except on the theory that the peasants for whose misery we are responsible hope that the nominal ruler can give them some redress.