15 SEPTEMBER 1883, Page 2

The outbreaks of peasant feeling in Hungary are becoming- very

serious. General Ramberg, as we note elsewhere, has partially quieted Croatia, by prohibiting the levy of taxes by force; but in Hungary itself, the Slav peasants attack the- proprietors and the Jews ; and on the military frontier,large bands have gathered together, which attack the landlords, and even resist the troops. Near the Unna, a band has been en- countered numbering 2,000 men ; and at Jacobovacz and two- other places the military have been compelled to fire, killing num- bers of the rioters, who, however, fight the soldiers with deter- mination. It is evident that Slav feeling and agrarian feeling both excite the people, and the respectable classes are afraid: of a true jacquerie. No such movement could succeed unless joined by the Slav soldiery, and of this there is at present no symptom. The risings are set down in Vienna to Russian in- trigues, but they are evidently the offspring of irritated " nation- alist " feeling, combined with distress, caused chiefly, we believe, by the gradual heaping-up of the peasants' mortgages. Similar- insurrections from the same cause are constantly occurring in India, and can be prevented only by laws limiting the amount. a usurer can recover.