15 SEPTEMBER 1883, Page 3

We are interested in observing the quietness, rigidity, and success

with which the delegates assembled in the Trades Union Congress apply the principle of the Closure. They allow and wish for free debate, but their time is limited, and when the speakers have no more information to contribute, or the discussion wanders. the Congress votes that " the discussion has been sufficient," and proceeds at once to a final division. This is the absolute Closure, the only one which is really effective, and it is amusing to see how easily it is applied by men who in political meetings would be adjured by Tory speakers not to allow their repre- sentatives to be " gagged." On Thursday, the delegates wished to resolve that the hours of voting should be extended every- where from eight ;Lin. to eight p.m., and member after member rose to speak. They had, however, nothing to say, and after a time their tediousness was snapped short by the Closure, followed by a unanimous vote in favour of the resolution.