15 SEPTEMBER 1894, Page 24

From Manuscript to Bookstall. By A. D. Southam. (Southam and

Co.)—Mr. Southam gives all necessary particulars about the cost and other matters that are connected with the production of books. His figures will be found, it is probable, somewhat sur- prising to many who have dabbled in publishing, and dabbling have, it is probable, burnt their fingers. He gives a specimen of the typo on one page, and the cost of producing five hundred or one thousand copies on the other. Of all the arrangements between author and publisher, he seems to prefer the " royalty " system, guaranteed by " seals." Every copy is to have the author's seal, and he is to be paid according to the number of these that are used.—The Printing of Modern Books, by Charles T. Jacobi (Chiswick Press), is the reprint of a paper read last year before the Bibliographical Society, and deals with the subject of printing on what may be called the technical side. Mr. Jacobi does not concern himself with expense, but speaks of typo- graphical and other kindred matters in a very interesting way.