15 SEPTEMBER 1950, Page 1

How Not To Do It

progress has been marked by utterances that could not but worry the settlers, and by at least one unfortunate incident— his much-publicised walking-out from a party given in his honour in a private house in Tanganyika. The immediate cause was a particularly offensive remark from a sAtler, about race-relations ; one sympathises with Mr. Dugdale, at whom it was aimed. But the party had been preceded by an ill- judged gesture from Mr. Dugdale himself : he refused to attend if it were given in a hotel that exercised the colour-bar. There is no hotel between Nairobi and Cape Town that doesn't, and many besides Mr. Dugdale deplore the fact. But it will not be altered by embarrassing and inconveniencing one's hosts, and the white settlers of East Africa will become more rather than less stiff-necked if they are confirmed in their opinion, and by the behaviour of a Minister, that the Govern- ment at home is unrealistic about their racial problems.