15 SEPTEMBER 1950, Page 10

"Oche *pectator," ipeptember 14tb, 1850

A meeting convened by the "National Democrats " in Faring- don Hall, Snow Hill, on Tuesday, considered the conduct of the workmen in Messrs. Barclay's brewery, "in expression of the detestation felt towards the assassin and woman-flogger Haynau by all true Englishmen ; and in the end passed the following resolution : " . . . . This meeting declares that the brewery workmen and the high-spirited men and women who assisted in chastising the Austrian assassin deserve well of their country, and are entitled to,the thanks of the friends of freedom and justice throughout the world." The audience was to a large extent composed of brewers' men. The chief speakers were Mr. D. W. Rutty, Mr. Julian Harney, and " Citizen Engels," a foreigner in a long beard, "who had fought for freedom in many lands. '