16 APRIL 1831, Page 11

THE OLD BAILEY SESSIONS have closed, without furnishing any point

of novelty or interest.

REC ORD E R'S RE POR T.—The report was made on Wednesday. There are at present, under sentence of death, in Newgate twenty-seven per- sons, two of them females, who were convicted at the last February Ses- sions. All of these received reprieves, which are tantamount to banish- ment for life, except George Augustus Frederick Ellis. The youth who bears this royal prenomen is said to have been one of the most experi- enced and ingenious " cracksmen" (burglars) in London, and has long been all object of attention to the officers. Ellis used to hire, in various parts of the town, unfurnished lodgings, in which to deposit his plunder ; and the reference he gave to his father-in-law, Gast, who has an exten- sive business in his trade, removed all suspicion. In his room at his father-in-law's he also kept property ; and from the facilities which his apparent respectability afforded for his concealment, there was hardly. a burglary committed at the West end of the toy/nein which he was not concerned. Gast was tried with Ellis and his accomplices, for receiving stolen goods ; but it appeared on the trial that he had no access to nor knowledge of what Ellis kept in his room. Tax ALLEGED MATRICIDE.—Dexter has been again remanded : he is to be brought up on the 30th for final committal. CHARGE or MURDER.—William Thompson, mate of the Emily fruit vessel, from Lisbon, has been charged at the Thames Police-office with the murder of C. Burdett, a seaman, on the 9th of February last, by pushing him overboard. Be was remanded until Tuesday next. ExectiTrox.—On Saturday, Richard Nockolds, convicted of setting fire to the premises of Mr. Duchel, at Swanton Abbot, was executed at Norwich. He acknowledged his guilt.