16 APRIL 1831, Page 13



At Florence, on the 23rd of March, the Lady of JOHN FREDERICK FALWASSER, Esq. of a sou. At Eastdale, in the county of York, the Lady of Roe Ear RAIKES, jun. of a son. On the 7th inst. at Fritwell. Oxfordshire, the Lady of the Rev. WAnu.sat RNATCHBULL, of a son.

On the 10th inst. at No.17, Eaton Place, the Lady of CHARLES BROWNLOW, Esq. 3I.P. of a son and heir.

On the 4th inst. at Eaton College, the wife of the Rev. T. C. WRIGHT, of a daughter. At Palmer's Green, on the 10th inst. the Lady of ISAAC WALKER, Esq. of a daughter. On the 11th inst. at Renishaw, the Lady of Sir GEORGE SITWELL, Bart. of a son. At his house,In Gower Street, the Lady of Mr. Sergeant RUSSELL, of a son. On the 11th inst. at Mill Wall, Poplar, the Lady of THOMAS HILLMAN, Esq. of a son and heir.

On the 8th inst. in Stephen's Green, Dublin, the Lady of Sir ROBERT GORE BOOTH, Bart, of a son and heir.

On the 7th inst. at Market Harborough, the Hon. Mrs. WILLIAM DS CAPELL BROOKE, of a son.

On the 13th inst. at the Fort, Gravesend, the Lady of Captain Otto, Royal Engi- neers, of a daughter. On the 8th inst. at Heysham, Lancashire, the Lady of T. J. RsmowLvs, Esq. of a son.

On the 14th inst. at the Vicarage, Croydon, the Lady of the Rev. HENRY LIND- SAY, of a son.

On the 15th inst. in Chapel Street, Park Lane, Mrs. RICHARD WELLESLEY, of a sun.


Rev. WILLIAM F. HOLT, M.A. late Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, and Minister of Laura Chapel, Bath, to CATHARINE, daughter of the late John Stack- house, Esq. of Edgar Buildings, Bath. Rev. Jos ern us WILLIAms, of Creaton, Northamptonshire, to MARY ANN S US-A NNAH, only daughter of the late William Mount, Esq. of St. Catherine's.

On the 7th inst. RoWLAND EYLES EGERTON WARBURTON, Esq. of Arley Hall, Cheshire, to MARY, eldest daughter of Sir Richard Brooke, Bart. of Norton Priory, In the some county.

On the 11th inst. CHARLES RALPH BIGLAND, Esq. son of Ralph Bigland, Esq. Clarencieux King of Arms of the Herald's College, Doctors' Commons, to BACHAEL, youngest daughter of Mr. Crane, of Creeting, St. Mary's, Suffolk.

In Merrion Square, Dublin, by the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, NICHOLAS JOSEPH FERENCH, of Ffrench Lawn, in the county of Roscommon, Esq. to BETSEY MARY O'CONNELL, third daughter of Daniel O'Connell, M.P. On the 7th inst. at Melton Mowbray Church, WILLIAM MI LII OUSE, Esq. of Fel- ton House. Warwickshire, to SOPHIA CAPEL Ds BROOKE, second daughter to the late Sir Richard Capel de Brooke, of Oakley House, Northamptonshire.

On the 9th inst. at Loughton, Essex, WILLIAM MARSDIN, Esq. of Tunbridge, to HARRIET, fourth daughter of William Browning, Esq.

On the 12th inst. at the Hon. Mrs. Burrowes' house. in Hill Street, Berkeley Square, his Excellency Baron de LETTS, Minister Plenipotentiary to his Majesty the King of Bavaria, to ELIZABETH CATHERINE, only daughter of the late Colonel Burrowes, of Dengan Castle, and grand-daughter to Lord Deceis, late Archbishop of Tuam.

On the 12th inst. at her Church, Lieutenant-Colonel BRIDGER, CB., to LANE, fourth daughter of John Copeland, Esq. of Ivo-, Bucks.

On the 8th inst. Mr. GAWEN SnoTrea, son of time late Mr. Gawen Shotter, of Homerton, and formerly of Reading, to MARGARET, daughter of the late Rev. John Lough, Vicar of Sittingbonrn, Kent, and Perpetual Curate of Iwade. On the 14th inst. at St. John's, Hackney, JAMES C. SOMERVILLE, M.D. to AL- BENIA, fourth daughter of Thomas Hankey, Esq. of Dalston.

At Exeter, on the 12th inst. WILLIAM MACKWORTH PRAED, Esq. Barrister-at- Law, of Lincoln's Inn, eldest son of Sir. Sergeant Praed, to ANNE FRANCES, OUly daughter of Treby Kele Hays, Esq. of Delamere, in the county of Devon.

On the 14th inst. tile Rev. CHARLES DILNOTT HILL, M.A. of Fetcham, Sorry, to CICELY, youngest daughter of the late Sir Christopher Willoughby, Bart, of l3a1- don House, Oxon.

On the 14th inst. at Richmond, HENRY JELr, Esq. Captain in his Majesty's Army, third son of Sir Janfri Jelf, to CLARISSA AMELIA SHARP, of Kincarochy, in the shire of Perth, daughter of the late Major Sharp, of that place. On the 8th inst. in the Cathedral church of Down, the Rev. EDMOND FRANCIS Koox, of Birnagh, in the county of Tyrone, to MARY ANNE, daughter of the late Rev. Bernard Ward, of Vianstown, in the county of Down. On the 14th inst. at St. Mary's, Bryanston Square, GEORGE DRU31310ND, Esq. to MARIANNE, second daughter of the late, and sister of the present, Edward Berkeley Portman, Esq. H.P. of Bryanston, in the county of Dorset.


On the 1 1 th Inst. in Hertford Street, May Fair, CATHERINE SOPHIA, wife of 'Captain the Honourable George Poulett, R.N. and eldest daughter of Sir George Dallas, Bart.

On the 25th of September last, at Bhooj, in India, the Rev. JAMES GRAY, 'Chaplain in the East India Company's Establishment at Cutch, in the Bombay Presidency. Mr. Gray was long one of the Masters of the High School, Edinburgh, whence he removed to Belfast, where he became Principal of the Academy, and ',entered the Church of Ireland.

On the 11th inst. at Sandgate, AUGUSTA CHARLOTTE EMMA, the infant daughter of Colonel Wynyard, Grenadier Guards. On the 12th iest. at Reading, in her 85th year, Mrs. Pitrerie DAVIS, relict of the late Mr. Nathaniel Philipson.

On Thursday, the 7th inst. at his seat, Mulgrave Castle, Yorkshire, in his 77th to be Ens. without purchase, vice Crompton, deceased.

year, HENRY, Earl of Mulgrave, Viscount Normanby, Baron Mulceaee, O.C.R.a Uuattached-Lieut. J. R. Ideyland, from the 61st Foot, to be Capt. of Infantry, .ceneral in the Army, and Colonel of the 31st Regiment. - . . Purchase. Rev. J. HIBBERD, Rector of Sutton Mandeville, Wilts.

On the 10th inst. at Calgarth Park, Westmorland, DOR corny, relict of the late Dr. Watson, Bishop of Llandaff.

On the 12th inst. at Paddington Green, in his 71st year, the Rev. Ram WOODD, thirty-eight years Minister of Bentinck Chapel, St. Marylebone. On the 11th inst. Colonel ROBERT MURRAY MACGREGOR, late of the Honourable East India Company's Service. On the 6th inst. at Lewes, the Rev. WILLIAM Jouosrome, In his 86th year.

On the 10th inst. at Thursford Rectory, the Rev. JAMES FAWCETT, B.D. Rector of Thursford.cum-Snoring, Norfolk.

On the 10th inst. at her house in the Burrowes, Swansea, Mrs. MANSEL, the relict of Rawleigh Mansel, Esq. in her 85th year.

On the 7th inst. at her house, No. 17, Bruton Street, JANE, Countess Dowager of Carhampton. On the 14th inst. at Brompton, MATILDA, Countess de Clairville, in her 57th year. On the 10th inst. in childbed, CECILIA, wife of John Twysclen, Esq. ; as also on the 3rd inst. FRANCEs, the infant child, three days after its birth.